A study about wearing a bra

Hey ladies!

Here’s something to look into. Jean-Denis Rouillion’s 15 year study about bras.

Summary below!


- Women who did not wear a bra had a 7- millimetre lift in their nipples each year.

- Women who did not wear a bra showed fewer strech marks.

- Their breast were firmer than those of who regularly wore bras.

- Not wearing a bra actually protects breasts from gravity, cause it forces women to better posture and develop the muscles that lie underneath the breasts, whitch aid breast support and lift.

- For young women who are only just beginning to wear bras, science says there is no reason to push them. In fact, not wearing a bra is far better for young women because it supports the growth of breast tissue. This is in addition to supporting muscle tissue growth in the area.

- There is little reason for mothers
to force their 10-year-old daughters into wearing a training bra. These bras serve aesthetic purposes that serve only cultural norms and local beauty standards. Rather than supporting a girl’s development these bras stifle it and force them into a lifelong sentence of bra wearing.

-In reality, the scientist are saying that there is no scientific reason
to start wearing a bra.