About us

Our story began with a dream of being surrounded by softness, colors and playful shapes.

We were looking for underwear made of natural, eco-friendly fabrics, that would support our long days at school, work or while backpacking over Himalayas. We ordered underwear from far away, wanted some more and waited even longer. So all this hussle got us tired and we started to think about our own underwear production. 

We knew, what we wanted:

Locally made fabric and garment, natural and soft and also it had to look nice, so that when reaching home after a long day's work, we would take off our clothes and meet a lovely bra, to hang around at home.

The skin is such a wide organ, it breaths, sweats and absorbs. The question remained, what should’ve been the first most intimate contact between the skin and fabric, in which we would feel good, safe and supported in our everyday life.                                 

Thanks to some fortunate events, we found bamboo fabric (then moved to Lyocell) and then it was decided, it was time to start living the dream of producing our fantasy underwear.

Our production is located in South of Estonia, our hometown Põlva.

We cooperate with local sewers, artists, photographers, make-up artists as our partners. They give beauty and local value for our brand.

People in our company are payed on fair terms and will be involved in the whole designing process, if they wish!

Our undies made of Lyocell are as a blend of cashmere and silk. Soft and shiny.

We act, we care, we create, we play!

We are always looking for new ideas and ways to get better on design. So, be involved!